7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.
Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:00 a.m. to 8:10 a.m.
Welcome – Lucille Jordan, President, NCC and Donalee Lozeau, Mayor of Nashua

8:10 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
Update on the Status of Women and Girls in NH – Marianne Jones

8:30 a.m. to 9:15 a.m.
Keynote Speaker – Lead with Power and Influence – Annabel Beerel

9:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
Networking Event

10:15 a.m. to 11.:45 a.m.
Concurrent Morning Sessions


Leadership In Education

Summary: In this panel three highly experienced and successful college presidents will tell their stories and describe the challenges related to being a leader in a highly male dominated domain.

Take-aways from this session include:

  • Understanding the leadership challenges in education.
  • Strategies for remaining in charge in the face of challenge and adversity.
  • The benefits to having a female voice in the educational domain.

Speaker Name(s): L. Jordan, M.D. Perkins Ed.D.

(L. Jordan, M.D. Perkins Ed.D)


The Flexible Workplace

Summary: This workshop will be an interactive event on the “how and why” of creating a flexible workplace. With the changing workforce, changing families and changing communities, how does the workplace also need to change? After a BRIEF overview on flexible workplaces we will examine your specific workplace and policies. Please feel free to bring you polices and questions!

Speaker Name(s): M. Zulauf


The Soul of Leadership

Summary: Are you born to be a leader or do you develop into one? What are the essential ingredients to great leadership? Hear the journey of three women leaders and what they have to say about the roles genuine conviction, moral courage, and high ethical standards play in their personal leadership stories. And there’s more to what makes great leaders — come find out what, and share your own stories.

Speaker Name(s): L. Johnson, C. Roy-Czyzowzki


Finding Your Real Power

Summary: This session will focus on the important issue of power and the need to understand the difference between positional and personal power.

Power is an ever present reality essential to all living things. We need power to be able to affirm ourselves in the world. Power makes us inter-personally significant. Power gives us the capacity to assert ourselves and to make meaning out of life.

Positional power is power that comes from the outside. It is assigned power and entitles the holder of the position to exercise power over others. It is never really ours and can always be taken away. Personal power, on the other hand, is the power that really counts. Personal power comes from the inside. It belongs to us. We can give it away, but it cannot be taken away.

At the end of this discussion you will:

  • Understand the distinction between positional and personal power
  • Have ideas of how to strengthen your personal power and how not to give it away
  • Recognize the importance of strategically managing your power to get you what you want

Speaker Name(s): D. Mercier


Leadership – The Art of Reinvention

Summary: In this fascinating session of developing their careers Cathy Provencher and Teresa Rosenberger will discuss how they reinvented themselves so as to take advantage of optimal career opportunities.

Teresa reinvention’s efforts took her from being a speech writer in the White House to a law firm in NH and then onto State President at Fairpoint. While Cathy did not change careers as such she found ways to position herself until she was catapulted into the position of state treasurer.

The take-aways from this session include:

  • How to be in touch with changing career realities and opportunities
  • How to assess the risks of new opportunities
  • How to position yourself to ensure those new opportunities are yours

Speaker Name(s): C. Provencher, T. Rosenberger


Shaking the Money Tree

Summary: Contributions from foundations, corporations, and government entities can provide significant financial support for nonprofit organizations–if you know how to tell the “story” in a powerful way. This fast-paced, informative workshop is designed to help you develop high-impact strategies that you can bring back to the Board table. Along with a broad overview of the grant writing process for nonprofit Board members and staff.

Speaker Name(s): M.Jones

Women as Health Visionaries

Summary: Women approach health through a distinctive lens. Their extraordinary capacity to focus on team-based, interconnected and holistic approaches to health is a powerful asset that offers unique benefits to their families, their workplaces and their larger communities. The panelists will focus on this feminine vision and approach to keeping healthy.

Speaker Name: S. Crawford, B.Roberts


Communication Strategies for Success

Summary: Effective communication is fundamental to success! After this seminar, you will have a greater appreciation of your own personal communication style. You will learn more about the impact you have on others, and how this affects your communication effectiveness. You will also learn how to read and respond to other people’s styles.

With a new appreciation for people-reading, you will build rapport more easily and interact more fluidly whether managing and motivating others; whether you wish to increase company sales, or develop more meaningful business relationships.

Speaker Name: K. Rocheleau, E. Sarson


Women in Leadership Roles for the Nonprofit Sector

Summary: Researchers state that 3 out of 4 nonprofit leaders will retire or transition out of their jobs over the next five years. Currently women hold the majority of leadership roles in the sector , with the exception of the very top, highest paying jobs. But that is changing. During this session a Mary Ellen Jackson will facilitate a panel of women leaders for the sector and explore what skills, aptitudes and talents are needed to lead the sector into and what opportunities are unfolding.

Speakers Names: K. Luczko, D. Miller, ME Jackkson, D. Krider.


Strategically Managing Your Career

Summary: This panel of highly experienced professionals associated with the field of Human Resources and Career Development will discuss the importance of strategically planning and formulating your career moves. Brining different perspectives to the table they will highlight why and how women can position themselves so as to maximize their career opportunities.

The take-aways from this session include:

  • How career planning differs between men and women
  • The strategic moves women need to make in planning their careers
  • How to overcome career planning obstacles

Speaker Name(s): N. Bush, M. Coffin, P. Money, D. Vanderzanden


A Cross-Cultural Leadership Approach That Ensures Women Their Place at The Table

Summary: We tend to think of state of the art leadership training as a privilege for executives on their way up the career ladder. Now, after several years of testing an exciting new model throughout the Third World, a more democratic approach to leadership development is changing women’s lives in India, the Middle East and Africa. This year the program is being expanded in the US to empower victims of gender-based violence. What could the possibilities be for our own communities?

Three Takeaways:

  • The impact on women in the Third World — from the illiterate at the grass roots level to college-educated government officials
  • The impact on those who most need help: victims of gender-based violence
  • Ideas on bringing leadership training to those most in need in our communities

Speaker Name: M.H. Martens


Leveraging Conflict to Create Powerful Alliances

(Formerly – Seeing Yourself as Others See You: Why Self Awareness is the Most Important Leadership Skill)

Summary: This session will explore new theories of female workplace relationships and clarify why we have been socialized to behave the way we do during conflict. Through the work of communication pioneers Tannen, Heim and Murphy, we will identify techniques for surfacing conflict between women on your team, and leveraging their strengths to achieve healthy conflict resolution and more powerful outcomes.


Women on the Move: Lessons Without Borders

Summary: Women working together, using the power of group, make a difference every day in the situations and policies that affect them and their family’s lives. Learning from her work in international development, with a focus on community mobilization in remote rural areas in Nepal and Nigeria, Patricia M Sears is applying her experience to the community and economic development work in revitalizing downtown Newport, VT. From sharing stories and examples, take away strategies on how to develop relationships that turn into productive partnerships and how to deal with frustration by using an asset-based approach.

  • What makes a constructive partnership?
  • How do women use their relationship skills to develop transformative partnerships?
  • Using an asset-based approach to maximize efficiency and minimize frustration.

Speaker Name(s): P. Sears


Women Educating Women Worldwide

Summary: In this session Dana Dakin (founder of Women’s Trust) and Wilma Longdon (the new Executive Director of Women’s Trust) will discuss the success of their micro lending program in Ghana. You will here the fascinating story of how this micro lending program began and the on—the-ground impact it is having for thousands of women and their families in Pokuase, Ghana.

The highlights you will take away with you include:

  • How dreams can become tangible possibilities
  • The simple yet powerful model of microlending
  • How you can contribute to this growing movement of empowering women around the world.


Born to Lead: The Woman’s Inherent Advantage

Summary: New studies indicate that women’s emotional natures make us inherently strong leaders, making us inspirational, capable of motivating others, and moving people toward an envisioned outcome. Women are actually hard-wired to excel in the global environment. Join this eye-opening conversation!


  • Understand that we have a natural, inherent ability to lead
  • Know that our mindset translates to success
  • Identify how to use emotions powerfully to move others to action

Speaker Names: C. Blake, L. Hyde, L. Rothery


Creative Entrepreneurship

Summary: Women perform 66% of the world’s work, produce 50% of its food, earn 10% of the world’s income and own 1% of the world’s property. In the U.S., over half of the 37 million people living in poverty are women and the gap in poverty rates between men and women is wider in America than anywhere else in the Western World. Yet women reinvest 90% of their income back into their communities (men reinvest 30%). Therefore, the empowerment of women entrepreneurs is the key to meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing world in crisis. Jennifer Ruwart, founder of Moyo Jasiri, will discuss methods for bringing business education and training to women entrepreneurs, connecting women-owned enterprises to capital and increasing access to new markets for women both domestically and internationally.

Takeaway Points

  • Understand how the principles of creative entrepreneurship help women create their own jobs, earn a thriving wage and provide access to capital and markets
  • Understand how enhancing women’s economic options will boost national economies
  • Learn how collaboration and networking is accelerating the number of businesses owned and led by women around the globe.

Speaker Name(s): J Ruwart


Leadership Courage

Summary: Leadership courage is something that is continuously developing and evolving. Courage is the cornerstone of many decisions and many defining moments in one’s life. Besides all the technical skills required to advance in one’s career one cannot really get ahead with out developing one’s courage and recognizing one’s courageous moments.

In this presentation Roberta Herman will discuss her amazing career path and how courage has influenced and shaped her professional life.

Her takeaways from the session include:

  • How to make friends with change (learn to use change to your own advantage)
  • How to take some risks and why one should
  • The importance of writing one’s own story

Speaker Name(s): R.Herman

Communicating Through Social Media

Summary: Social networks offer new methods and tools for individuals and organizations to communicate, connect, and build community. Explore potential uses for popular social media technologies.

Speaker Name(s): S. Nickel, H. Wilkes