Dr. Annabel Beerel is a recognized expert in Leadership and Change Management as well as being an expert in analyzing and consulting to Ethical issues across a wide range of professions. Over the past twenty-five years, Annabel has assisted senior organizational leaders in becoming more astute decision makers and leading their organizations through change. Due to her experience with businesses on a global scale, Annabel is able to bring a global perspective to complex problems and is able to guide executives in systemic decision making. She is also a highly experienced executive coach.

Annabel is the founder of the New Hampshire Women’s Leadership Institute, an organization that helps women advance in their careers and advises on organizational leadership capacity building. The flagship event of the Institute is the New Hampshire Women’s Leadership Summit, a major leadership and professional skills development event for professional women across New England.

Annabel holds a Ph.D in Comparative Religion and Ethics from Boston University. She holds a Masters Degree in Theology from the Weston Jesuit School of Theology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and has pursued Advanced Leadership Training at the J.F. Kennedy School of Management at Harvard University. Annabel holds an MBA with a focus on Corporate Finance and Strategic Management, and she is also a qualified accountant. She has worked with multinationals as well as being a Corporate Financier and Investment Banker in the City of London where she was actively engaged in business analysis, fund raising, merger and acquisitions and strategic planning. Annabel also founded and ran her own international business in Artificial Intelligence for a period of eight years.

A dynamic and entertaining presenter, accomplished panel host, and facilitator, Annabel travels and presents at numerous conferences. She is also the prolific author of articles and books. Her most recent book is entitled Leadership and Change Management by Sage Publications. Her passion is travel and the study of world cultures and religions, something she shares with executives interested in developing their global businesses.