The Institute

NEWLI is a registered 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporate vehicle established for the development and delivery of educational programs for professional women.


The mission of NEWLI is to educate professional women in the areas of leadership, vision and values and is devoted to career advancement and personal empowerment.


Governance NEWLI is carried out by the Board of Directors, all of whom are professional women in their own right. The Institute’s Bylaws set out its governance structure and terms.

Flagship Event

The flagship event of NEWLI is the annual New England Women’s Leadership Summit. The Summit has its own program committee, speakers and seminar providers as well as its own independent budget.


NEWLI takes an integral mind, body, spirit approach to all of its offerings. Research into people development shows that an integral approach results in a far more sustainable and transformative impact on the growth and development of those exposed to this modality of learning. This enhanced impact directly affects people in their professional and personal lives.

Other Products and Services

NEWLI offers a variety of innovative professional development seminars and workshops aimed at working women to help advance their leadership skills; build confidence, and develop presence. The NEWLI offers networking opportunities, provides access to leadership research, and works to expand leadership opportunities for women in organizations.  We are excited to now offer executive coaching and corporate diversity training to our portfolio of offerings.